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Finalization of ZVT Protocol Specification V4.3, new ZVT-H Executive Committee 21. December 2018

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Verband der ZVT-Host-Schnittstellen-Anwender e.V. finalizes ZVT-H Protocol Specification V4.3 and appoints new Executive Committee



Frankfurt am Main, December 06, 2018


Verband der ZVT-Host-Schnittstellen-Anwender e.V. finalized the latest version of the ZVT Host Interface in November 2018


Version 4.3 of the ZVT interface essentially specifies the introduction of AES encryption on the ZVT Host Interface, which supercedes the currently used 3DES.

A large number of other improvements (such as in the area of terminal control) were also implemented following extensive consultations in the association’s technical Advisory Board.

For the first time, Version 4.3 will be available in English only.

This is due to the internationalization of the payment sector, making it easier for potential licensees outside Germany to use the ZVT Host Protocol, explains Jörg Stahl, the present association Chair, in a statement on the publication of the document.

The specification can be purchased from the association in a fee-based license model subject to specific criteria.

The protected ZVT Host Protocol and its further developments may thus only be used by licensed market participants. New members and potential licensees can contact the ZVT-H Executive Committee with enquiries on this matter using the contact form on the homepage.

During the association’s 3rd General Meeting that was held on September 13, 2018 in Düsseldorf, two new Chairs were also elected to the Executive Committee of “Verband der ZVT-Host-Schnittstellen-Anwender e.V.” (ZVT-H), which was formed October 2016. The conditions set by the EU Commission require these positions to change every six months. Since then, the association, with currently 21 members, is represented by the following Executive Committee:

     1st Chair: Jörg Stahl (First Data GmbH)

     2nd Chair: Sven-Marc Saremba (CardProcess GmbH)

    Treasurer: Andreas Mißbach (PAYONE GmbH)

    Secretary: Dr. Winfried Honecker (equensWorldline SE)


During the tenure of the two previous Chairs, Lars Schweigel (WEAT Electronic Datenservice GmbH) and Hilde Schneberger (Elavon Financial Services DAC), who took office in April 2018, it was possible to push forward the finalization of the specification and acquire new ZVT-H members and licensees.


As a reminder: The association was formed in October 2016 against the background of conditions set by the European Commission during Worldline’s planned takeover of Equens and its subsidiary PaySquare. Under the EU Merger Regulation, the takeover was only approved subject to fulfillment of certain requirements. These included that, for competition reasons, responsibility for the ZVT Host Protocol, which is used in most German terminals, and the rights to the interface, be outsourced to an independent association. The association manages license issuing and extensions to the ZVT Host Interface, which has become Germany’s de facto standard interface between PoS terminals and host systems.



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